Wenger responds to Mourinho taunt

Arsene Wenger has brushed off Jose Mourinho's latest taunts after the Chelsea boss said the Gunners' recent spending may come as "a surprise".

Mourinho tipped Arsenal as one of the main contendersto wrestle away Chelsea's Premier League title crown this season, but not without aiming a jibe at Wenger's recent spending habits.

Disputing claims that Arsenal were unable to financially compete with their rivals in recent seasons, Mourinho told reporters on Tuesday:

"If you add up the amounts the clubs have spent in the last three or four years I think maybe you will find a surprise.

"If you put Ozil plus Sanchez, plus Chambers, plus Debuchy you will maybe find a surprise,"Mourinho added, in reference to Arsenal's spending over the last couple of seasons.

While Arsenal have spent around £148.1million on players since the club-record £42.5million arrival of Mesut Ozil in 2013, Chelsea have splashed out £236.7million in same timespan.

The net spends of both clubs since the summer of 2013 do tell a different story however, with Wenger overseeing a net spend of £106.1million, which is over double that of Mourinho's £50.9million over the last two years.

Wenger has refused to be drawn into another war of words with his long-time managerial nemesis over the recent claims however, saying he will "let other people talk".

"One day you will look at the players we have developed here compared to the spending of other clubs and you will be surprised," the Frenchman told reporters.

"I get different reproaches - that I don’t spend enoughthen I spend too much."I let other people talk."

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