50 Cent’s Ex wife Exposes Him, Says “He Was Only Shot 5 Times Not 9”

Controversial American rapper, 50 Cent has become well talked about on social media, thanks to all the women in his life and fights with other celebrities.

This time around, the drama involves him and his baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins who is the mother ofhis oldest son, Marquise Jackson.

50 cent started it this time around, by putting up a post on Instagram accusing Shaniqua of turning their son against him.

The post was a throwback picture of him and his son with the words under it saying,

“This kid is gonna hate his mother when he realizes what she did to him. He has to make it on his own like I did. SMH GOODLUCK  !!! #GOUTDEDIAMANTS #EFFENVODKA”

She responded by also back lashing him on her own instagram post where in summary, she described him as being a bully, a liar and a bitter person.

50 cent has only 18 months left before he is free from paying child support fee to his baby mama for his son’s upkeep.

He has always mocked her for using the money to show off frivolously and claims that the reason why she’s acting crazy is because the money would stop flowing in very soon.

He has deleted all the subliminal posts from his page, but Shaniqua is just getting started.

She has threatened to reveal all his lies and secrets starting with the one in her post which says that 50 cent was only shot five times instead of nine as he claims.

It is quite obvious that 50 cent is still very hurt and angry with her for excluding him from their son’s graduation which caused a lot of negative press statements and made him look irresponsible.

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