As Cyril Stober Takes A Bow, Here Are 6 Facts You Should Know About Him

Before the advent of these new generation TV stations in Nigeria, there was NTA. Who can forget those 9pms everyday, when the network news is aired on NTA. You know most kids loathed the news and you would almost want to kill yourself when your dad or that annoying Uncle comes into the sitting room and tunes to the network news on NTA.

As much as kids those days disliked or liked the NTA 9pm news, every one knew the name Cyril Stober.  His retirement was announced earlier yesterday.

For those youngsters, who didn’t get the chance to know him, MACABELEE'S BLOG has put together 6 facts about him, you should know…

– He was known for starting his news casting every time he comes on air with:‘Hello there, Thanks for staying tuned,I’m Cyril Stober’.

– He is a Niger state born broadcaster.

– He anchored the news at 9pm on NTA network and NTA prime time news.

– He always wore a native attire, cap and his glasses.

– His professional career as a Newscaster and Journalist spanned over 30years and anybody who grew up in Nigeria in the last 3 decades knows the man.

– His eloquence and professionalism has earned hima legendary status in the Nigerian broadcasting industry.

A lot of young people then dreamt of becoming broadcasters because of the ease at which he delivers his news.

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