Emergency Workers Ignore Calls As Man Dies In Lagos Crash

A bus driver was killed in the early hours of Christmas Day in Ikeja, Lagos after his vehicle rammed into the foot of the bridge linking the Airport Road to the Bank Anthony Way near Olowu.

According to eyewitnesses, the yet to be identified victim could have survived had emergency workers responded promptly after they were alerted a few minutes past 3:30am when the incident occurred.

“I ran to the spot of the accident immediately I heard the loud noise. On getting there I realised thevictim was still alive and could survive if given urgent medical attention. But from the time of the accident I called emergency service they never showed up even as of 5:30am when I left the scene.

A police constable, who helped remove the body fromthe scene of the tragedy, said a mobile phone belonging to the victim was found in the vehicle.

“We found a phone belonging to the driver after a search on the vehicle and about five people have called asking about the man,” he said.

A senior police officer under the Traffic Unit of the Ikeja Police Division, who refused to disclose his name, told our correspondent that he arrived at thescene of the event immediately he was contacted.

“A distress call was received by me and I drove like a mad man to the scene at about 5:00am. But I think officials of emergency services should be moreresponsive in situations like this as it could save lives,” he said.

Officials of the Lagos State Environmental Health Monitoring Unit arrived at the scene of the accident to carry the corpse to the morgue at about 10:45am.

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