Here's a Smartphone You Can Wash - With Soap

Fear Not, Germophobes: This Kyocera Smartphone Is Soap and Water Friendly

Do you ever think about the fact that you touch your smartphone all day long and set it on unfamiliar surfaces — and rarely do anything to clean it except to wipe it on your sleeve? It's a nightmare for germophobes, but this new phone from Kyocera is designed to hold up to the vigorous washing every smartphone likely needs.

The Digno Rafre(we're not sure what it means) is designed with an extra-tough glass front and "self-healing" back panel to minimize scratches, and the screen can even be used with wet hands — so you can answer texts while in the middle of a wash. It's definitely waterproof, of course, and the coatings used are safe against hand soap.

Unfortunately, this particular device is only availablein Japan on carrier KDDI — but if the idea of having a phone in the bubble bath appeals to you, maybe you can have it imported.

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