Greatest Nigerian students!!!! Please permit me to shed some light into the tragedy that occurred in SHANGAII HOSTEL AAUA. My name is Seyi Agboola a Final year student of History and International Studies and I picked this heading in reference to the SHANGAII INCIDENT of 1932 when Japan invaded China and began the series of wars that led to the second world war and so much suffering in the world. Let historians take note.  I took this decision to speak out through the social media because of what i have read and seen on Facebook, Nairaland, Sahara Reporters, WhatsApp etc about what happened, is far away from the truth.  It is my opinion that the truth is the greatest contribution I can offer Nigerian students so the world knows what really happened here.  This is the truth and I dare anyone to disprove this truth about what happened.


Where the incident occurred. It is at once visible once you enter Akungba town because its located on a hill  not far from the university. Due to its location as an isolated block of 45 self contain rooms on the hill it used to be attacked by robbers frequently and a Rottweiler belonging to a student was shot by robbers and female students were raped on two occasion in 2010 before the caretaker of the building [A senior security staff at the security unit] liaised with cadets and I heard he gave them free rooms to move in and help with security and since then there has not been one incident of robbery in this environment.  I have lived in SHANGAII since 100 level and some rooms have always been occupied by Cadet COs and their members. Muyiwa ( may his soul rest in peace) was well known to me. I won’t say he was my friend but we greeted every time we saw and he was friendly.  Also I knew he was squatting because the room he was squatting belongs to my neighbor and sometimes he comes to sleep and sometimes otherwise. It’s also known to everyone in the house that Muyiwa a.k.a (mafuge) had been withdrawn from the University for about 3years now but still lives around students claiming to be one of us while IRON BODY just concluded his spillover challenge this standing was the first misunderstanding between the two parties.


Mafuge and Iron body were friends. They were always smoking and drinking together.  We were all at Iron body’s handing over ceremony together last year and the pictures are still on my phone.  But around 10:20 pm that day I heard iron body’s voice shouting and interrogating someone. It never crossed my mind that it was Mafuge. I thought it was one of those cultists they sometimes drill in their base or one of their members but someone knocked my door and asked if I had any money, that was when I knew that someone was being rushed to the hospital. Now he is dead and everyone is in shock.

According to IRON BODY that night he was mad at him because he discovered Muyiwa aka Mafuge who IRON BODY claimed was the third man of the Buccanear confraternity succeeded in initiating some members of the house into his Confraternity. Tayo a.k.a Malcom who was also withdrawn and Karma who is an 100L student of the University turning the house to their meeting point.


Adekunle Ajasin University is the most peaceful institution of higher learning in the Southwest. We heard that before now violence used to be much due to cult activities but the Cadets have succeeded in tying their hands for the last 9years. No bloodshed in Akungba or its environs. Students go to school in peace, anyone harassed knows where to report if he / she needed immediate action. The Cadets are the only set of people standing between Akungba students and indigenes or cultists. The students union is all talk and no action without Cadet. Ask any neutral AAUITE and they will tell you they trust cadets even more than the police in that town.  The proof is there for all to see. Most times when we hear of fights it’s always between Cad Cadet and Cultists.  Even when Cultists are fighting among themselves these cadets still make sure they don’t bring their fights to the school and sometimes settle them. I learnt all these by living among them for the last four years every single day.


I read two posts on Facebook tonight threatening violence on Cadets all over the country in retaliation for the death of Muyiwa. I’m worried because where two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. Any disruption of the University calendar will be a waste of time.  Those cadets can defend themselves and fight for themselves. What about us who can’t ? AAUA students know that the Akungba police leave much to be desired to say the least. Can you imagine arresting we neighbours who went to sympathize with the family?  Now everyone of us in that house is a suspect and wanted for questioning. Did all of us beat him up? An eye for an eye will only make the whole world go blind. I plead with Iron body wherever he is to please surrender himself to the police to protect his life and  maybe he will get a second chance at redemption. I urge all Muyiwa brethren calling for national revenge on Facebook to please listen to the voice of reason. The country has laws, let justice be done in civility. Any further bloodshed will only cause more violence and further bloodshed.

   In conclusion, I want everyone. To understand that the importance of the Cadet can not be over-emphasized. Thus, that Iron body had issues with Muyiwas should not transcend to the ban on Cadet activities, Iron body is not Cadet and Cadet isn’t Iron body. “Cutting off the head isn’t a solution to headache”. The proscribtion of Cadet activities will give free hands for Cultist to operate, he that wears the shoe knows where it pitches. Only students know this cultist, the police and school management don’t know them.

by Seyi Agboola
History and International Studies

Source: aauaamebo