Lawmakers Seek Amendment Of Minimum Wage Act

The House of Representatives is set to review the National Minimum Wage Act 2004, with focus on company’s staff strength and minimum wage payment.

The bill is to reduce the number of employees under a company before it is mandated to pay minimum wage from 50 to 20 employees.

The bill, which was presented by Honourable Peter Akpatason, sought to include as many Nigerians as possible in the minimum wage bracket.

The lawmaker argued that companies making millions of Naira in profits, do not necessarily employ up to 50 persons and such should not be exempted from the law.

The bill also sought to repeal the provisionthat permits companies to exempt physically challenged persons, saying that it is discriminatory.

It will also look at the exemption of the maritime and aviation sectors in the minimum wage.

It  was subsequently passed for second reading and referred to the relevant Housecommittee for further legislative inputs preparatory to its third reading and eventual passage into law.

Meanwhile, Honourable Edward Pwajok while leading the debate on the Amendment Bill for the Allocation Revenue Act, said that there had been a loud public outcry on the abuse of the money allocated to the local governments in the country by state governments.

He added that the bill, if passed to law, would deepen democracy and ensure respect for the Constitution by all tiers of government.

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