Media Can Lead Nigeria To Its Security Destination – John Momoh

Media guru and the Chairman of Channels Television, Mr John Momoh, has highlighted the leadership and championship role the media could play inleading Nigeria to its security destinations.

Mr Momoh told a gathering at a lecture organised by the National Defence Collegein Abuja on Wednesday that the media, among other groups of the society, assumed the critical frontline role in providing information on issues, government policies and actions, especially on the matters of security.

Freedom Of Information

Inhis address, he stressed that “information – the “light” that reveals relevant details about persons, situations or things – can be a tool or an instrument that can be used to achieve a goal for the safety and protection from threats to Nigerians’ collective interests”.

Emphasising that the media can only flourish in its role when the political and legal atmosphere is friendly and good, Mr Momoh cautioned against unnecessary news contents regulations. He said it could inhibit free flow of valuable information.

“For how does the media flourish in self-contradictory situations of government, where what is painted is a picture of clamour for national security and at the same time clipping the wings ofpress freedom and freedom of information? Or, how do the media succeed in this role when there is framing of mischief by government in the employment of the instrument of law designed to cause unnecessary contents regulations?” he questioned.

“The government must be true to its people-focused security agenda, seek to implement this agenda in a collective way, involving the public, the media and those other units of the society that have the capacity to provide relevant information for the achievement of national security goals.

“Government must also make the legal and political atmosphere friendly to media operations and resist the temptation of making the media a laptop dog instead of a true watchdog.

“On its part, the media should avoid getting carried away by overstating negative news while under reporting positive developments.”

The Chairman of Channels Television, however, urged the media to be insatiable in finding creative ways of gathering, processing and disseminating accurate and meaningful information in fulfilling theneed for national security.

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