NEMSA To Clamp Down On Importers Of Fake Electricity Metres

The Managing Director of the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA), says all importers of fake metres will be punished.

Speaking at a meeting in Abuja on Saturday, Mr Peter Ewesor said that over 22,336 metres have been tested from three test stations.

“Today (January 9, 2016), we have actuallytested 22, 336 metres from our three metre test stations. Out of these, we have type test which tested 110 types of metres.

“Type test requires testing new metres – ifit could work in Nigeria, if it meets international best practice, environmental condition in terms of temperature and humidity.

“When the metre has been type tested, andwe find out that it meets the specificationsof the Nigerian Metering Code put in place to guide the type of metre we should use in the country, then, the metre would be given a certification – which means the metre could be imported.

“The metre must meet the quality of the metre you gave which we have given you to say it has a pass mark”, he explained.

Mr Ewesor stated that the exercise would be a continuous one and advised importers of metres to ensure they adhereto the Nigerian Metering Code.

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