6 Important Things Every Blogger Should Know

A. How To Display Related Articles On Your Blog
B. Where To Get Responsive Mobile Templates
C. How To Podcast With Your Blog
D. Alternatives To Google Adsense
E. Best Mobile Apps For Posting On Blogs
F. How To Embed Twitter Timelines /Facebook Like Button On Your Blog

How To Display Related Articles On Your Blog.

We all know that Majority Of Internet Users View The Web From A Mobile Device. It's also nice to see articles that are related to the topic you are reading about.. There are Basically Two ways to do this

Go to http://LinkWithin.com
Register your blog then Install the plug in directly below your blog posts.
If you go to Dashboard >Layout, You should see an option to add a new gadget directly below the blog posts. Add the gadget and you're good to go.
Note that the position of the gadget may differ depending on your template

Use A Simple Javascript Code To Achieve This. On my blog Both Javascript And LinkWithin is in place.. This makes the site more viewer friendly and interactive.

Where To Get Responsive Blogger Templates
You Might Ask What Responsive Blogger Templates Are.
A Responsive Blogger Template is a template that has a customizable mobile view and a customizable pc view as well.

Here is an easy way to get Responsive Templates... Go To http://bestbloggertemplates.net or simply Google this "Download Responsive Blogger Templates" . Make Sure You View The Template Before Downloading It.. Only Few Responsive Templates Are Free The Rest Might Cost You Some Money

How To Make A Podcast
A Podcast Allows Those who Subscribe To Your Blog's Rss Feeds via feed readers or online to download /stream music or videos directly from your feeds.. To Set it Up.

Go To Dashboard- Settings - Post And Comments
Tick the Allow Enclosure Links Option

When you post a music video, before publishing, click on links. Input The direct download link of the song in the enclosure links box.. Then publish. Note that only mp3/wav/mp4 is supported

Alternatives To Google Adsense

I really don't need to emphasize much on this so I'll just give out the list

It's Advisable To Have More Than One Blogger App On Your Device.. Here are My Top 3 Apps For Posting On My Blog

I simply love this app.. It Allows You Post Pictures And Position It Anywhere In A Post..


Blogaway Let's You Change The Color Of Your Posts, Position Pictures And Modify Previous Posts, Add Links And Videos

This Is The default blogger app.. With Few Features.. It might be upgraded later

How To Embed Twitter Timelines On Your Blog

Go to http://twitter.com/settings/widgets
Click on create new widget
Then select timeline
Follow the prompts. You'll be given a html code to place on your blog


If you want to create any facebook widget just go to http://developers.facebook.com
source; naijatechguy

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