Why You Need A Thick Skin On Social Media

You get more attention. Every time you step out on to the spotlight, the more attention you are going to get. Both positive and negative. Social media isn't meant for crying babies. You have to learn how to deal with critics. People will access you whether you like their opinions or not. So if you are super sensitive, social media might do you more harm than good
2.Use the criticism as positive energy.Not all critics will be nice or have good intentions. But sometimes, when you change your mindset to look for the lesson behind their comments, the comments might be useful feedback. They may encourage you to better yourself.

3.When people say hurtful or untrue things, call them out. If it really hurts, let them know how you feel and they just might apologize. In real life, we can't stop people from being rude. But learn to pick your battles.

4.If threatened, do not be silenced by violent people. Contact authorities and get off social media for a while. Use the block button if you have to. But if you take every abuse to heart, you won't survive the world of social media.

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